Thermal Baths of Lenti

Opened in 1978, the Lenti Thermal Spa is one of the more recent baths of Hungary. Engineers discovered hot thermal water here by accident when digging for a water source. The 56oC hot thermal spring gained medicinal water designation in 1988, and it has been supplying the pools for decades now. These 40,000 years old healing waters are known worldwide, thanks to their sodium bicarbonate content that makes them ideal for curing rheumatism and related illnesses. The spa offers complex healing treatments too.

Lenti termálfürdő


The bath has nice 28-34 oC warm water that welcomes guests all year round. An absolute crowd favorite is the outdoor 1300 m2 large pool, the largest in the spa, which includes a Jacuzzi for 8 people. Children can play in the small kiddy pool, while grown-ups can enjoy the massage baths. A special feature of the pool is the artificial stream, where you can practice your swimming skills or go with the flow. You don’t want to skip the neck massage shower or the whole body boiling massage seats. Children will surely love the 74 meter long zig-zagging Anaconda waterslide too. The outdoor area has an additional number of 5 pools, including a swimming pool, to make the most of the summer.

The interior area has more than 3500 m2 area of pools, so you can make the most of your visit in the winter too. The covered space has 5 pools for all ages, like a swimming pool, children’s pool, hidromassage, medicinal baths, so something for everyone. Needless to say, the spa has a section dedicated specifically to saunas and accompanying cold water diving pools to boost your health. The cabins include two regular Finnish saunas, an aroma therapy chamber, and a physiotherm room.  If you haven’t tried one of these yet, than it’s high time for you to dip into the world of herbal aromas and into the refreshing experience that only saunas can offer!

The Lenti Thermal Spa is not only a regular bathhouse, it is also a beach for the summer. The adjoining enormous green space awaits visitors to practice their beach sports skills, or resupply their vitamin-D levels while sunbathing. Let it be summer or winter, the Lenti Thermal Baths offer a refreshing experience for all!