A következőkben néhány közeli látványosságról olvahatnak, melyek könnyen elérhetőek a Kerka Vízimalomtól. Túrázás, fürdőzés, gyermek vagy éppen kulturális programok – itt mindenki megtalálhatja a számításágt!

Thermal Baths of Lenti

It was never doubted that Hungary is astonishingly rich in thermal waters that served the basis for the unique bathing culture in the country. The medicinal water coming from 1500 meters deep supplies the Lenti Thermal Spa, which is a remedy for a number of illnesses. In addition to that, the slides and pools of the spa offer a refreshing adventure for the whole family.

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Nagykanizsa is a least known city of Zala county, where you will find plenty of sights to see that you’ve never heard of before. Despite its humble size, the city has a lot to offer, let it be historic sites or natural wonders. Join us and discover the treasures of Nagykanizsa!

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Csömödér Forest Railway

Who wouldn’t like to admire the scenic landscape of Göcsej from the window of a train? The Csömödér narrow gauge railway is the longest and best maintained line in Hungary, which awaits visitors from spring till autumn. The railway will take you to all important tourist destinations and hiking trails. All aboard, the train is ready for departure!

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Gallery and Museum in Lendva

On the Slovenian side of the border stands the picturesque castle of Lendva, which will likely to catch the attention of history lovers. The sight of the castle is amazing in itself, but the rich collection of the museum makes it an ideal tourist destination. Let’s see what Gallery-Museum Lendva has to offer!

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Zobori Park

You might have never heard of Zalaszabar, but this will surely change, once you visit Zobori Park for an unforgettable adventure! The outstanding leisure park has everything you need for an ideal day with your family or for your team building getaway. Visit the park and see it for yourself!

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Őrség Hikes – Local Attractions

Just a few kilometers from the Kerka Watermill, there are plenty of amazing sights and trails to go to. Even a short journey can take you to adventureous places. The Őrség region is one of Hungary’s richest landscapes, where historic and natural wonders dot the land. Here’s a list of our top picks!

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