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Őriszentpéter is often called the capital of Őrség. A settlement has been an important center for the region since the Middle Ages, which can be witnessed at the ancient Church of Saint Peter. The building bears the characteristics of Romanesque architecture, and there are archaeological traces that a church was standing here as far back as the 13th century. Later on, it was extended and renovated, though converted into a small fortress during the Turkish wars. The small church on the hilltop worths a visit for its unique architectural value and inspiring atmosphere. Őriszentpéter has a rich collection of local history, and the town itself boasts of the most well-preserved country houses in the region.

Source: Facebook / Őrségi Nemzeti Park

If you’re interested in the traditional rural life of Őrség, or you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, head directly for Szalafő. The small village is famous for its beautiful country houses and strictly protected natural reserve around the village, the Fekete-tó (Black Lake). The houses here are the finest examples of traditional architecture of the Őrség region. You can best discover the history of the village by following the 3 hiking trails around the settlement.

The iconic architectural landmark of Őrség is the lone-standing belfry, made traditionally from wood. These structures dot the land, and you will see them wherever you go, in villages like Magyarföld, Orfalu, Pankasz or Gödörháza. These little towers are sometimes 200 years old, and make the perfect examples of original folk architecture.

Őrség Hiking

You can best discover the Őrség by taking a long hike winding amongst hidden little villages. The love of nature plays an essential part in local tourism, and there are guided tours that will take you around to discover local wildlife. Whether you dream of a lush beech forest, a thick pinewood forest or a calm swampland, you can find all of these here in one place! Many visitors come to admire the rich bird life of the region, pick some of the tastiest wild mushrooms, and try fishing in the clean rivers. The staff of the Őrségi National Park makes sure that the landscape remains beautiful for generations to come. Other than the beauty of nature, walking trails will immerse you in the unique atmosphere of villages, take you to the famous belfries and ancient churches. Make sure to gather some information about the possibilities since there are many guided tours available!

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